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ZEBRA Home Roll Out Mat black.

Whether MMA, BJJ, JUDO, KARATE training, gymnastics or yoga, with the ZEBRA Home Roll Out Mat you can bring your gym home. The ZEBRA Home Roll Out Mat weighs only approx. 11 kg and is very easy to lay. Just roll out and get started! After rolling up, the supplied belt with clip fastener helps with space-saving storage. The foam thickness of approx. 32mm offers ideal cushioning even on hard sub-floors. The tatami surface vinyl with rice straw embossing ensures perfect grip even for all barefoot activities. A rolled out mat provides a training area of approx. 1.5 x 3m (4.5m²). For a home training area with a partner, we recommend 2 ZEBRA Home Roll Out mats with a total area of approx. 3 x 3m (9m²). A special ZEBRA tape holds the roll-out mats together and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Dimensions: approx. 3048 x 1524 x 32 mm
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